Any hardcore gamer, computer coder or someone who works from home
online will tell you that, after finding the perfect computer system with enough
power to keep up with their needs, finding the right computer work station to put
it on is the most challenging part of what they do. For gamers, everything has to
be within reach, easily accessible and their needs to be storage. For those who
work on their computers for a living, they need multiple monitors, enough
desktop space for additional paperwork and storage for any hard copy files they
might have. The importance of a high quality, innovatively designed gaming desk
workstation cannot be measured and once they have found their perfect
workstation, they won’t ever give it up.

Gamer’s Dream Come True

The all new Parisot Setup Gaming Desk Workstation from Family Window is the
perfect gaming desk for computer gamers who take their gaming seriously. With a
modern style, plenty of storage and enough space for up to three large monitors,
the Parisot SetUp Gaming Desk Workstation is a gamer’s dream come true.

Ergonomically Designed

Everything about this workstation is designed with the serious computer user
in mind. From the over-sized ergonomically designed desktop which can hold
everything from your keyboard, mouse and game controllers, to your energy
drink and microwave burrito and a lot more. It even has an infrared compatible
coating on the desktop so you don’t have to fuss about with mousemats.

The Storage You Need

Whether you are an online gamer, or you use your computer to run your small business, you need a workstation that has storage. The Parisot Setup Gaming Desk Workstation has the storage you need to take your gaming or your business to the next level.  A large drawer and a handy cupboard can hold all of your game controllers, paperwork, media and more and two shelves provide enough room for your everyday essentials, smartphone charger and anything else you might need to become more productive. After all, productivity is what a good workstation should be all about, right?

Additional touches include a modern dark grey or black stipple finish, carbon finish handles, LED lighting and cable management system to keep everything looking tidy in the back.

To learn more about the all new and innovative Parisot SetUp Gaming Desk
Workstation, contact Family Window and order yours today so you can take your
online gaming or your coding career to the next level.

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April 10, 2019 — James Taylor