Is your toddler ready to say goodbye to their crib and transition over to a big kid bed? Are you ready? Transitioning to a big kid bed is an important milestone in any toddler’s development and it does come with some drawbacks if your child is not
ready. The best way to know if your child is ready for a big kid bed is to watch for some tell-tale signs. Let’s take a closer look at some of the signs that your child is ready for a big kid bed: 

4 Ways To Know If Your Toddler Is Ready for a Big-Kid Bed

Your Toddler Can Climb Out Of Their Crib- if your toddler can climb out of their
crib or you find them attempting to climb everything in sight, they could be ready
for a big kid bed.

Your Toddler Is Potty Training- once your child begins potty training, enabling
them to do things that their older siblings do or that a big kid might do can make the potty training process much easier. They are also learning about their body signals and when they have to go to the bathroom which can make transitioning to a big kid bed much more effective as well.

Your Toddler Is Too Big For Their Crib- if your toddler’s feet are touching one end
of their crib and their head is close to the other end, they could be ready for a big
kid bed.

You Need The Crib For Another Baby- perhaps you have a new baby on the way
and you need the crib for that child, your toddler might have to transition to a big
kid bed early. Just remember, if they are younger than age two, they might not be
ready to make the switch.

How To Help Them Make The Switch

Once you have made the decision to transition your child over to a big kid bed, there are some things that you can do to help them:

Child-Proof The Room- now that they can get out of bed any time they want, you need to ensure that the room is child friendly and safe. Make sure that dressers and bookcases are anchored to the wall, outlets are covered and windows are child-proof.

Get Your Child Excited- your toddler might be apprehensive about sleeping in a big kid bed and that is normal. You should get them excited by ‘talking up’ the bed and telling them just how much fun it will be to sleep in.

Transitioning your child into a big kid bed will take a couple of weeks, but once they are sleeping in it every night, they will be much happier and they will feel more like a big kid!

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May 22, 2019 — James Taylor