Family Window is thrilled to announce that the highly sought-after Estella High Sleeper Bed is now available in a stunning white finish, alongside the existing grey option. This versatile and space-saving bed has become a favourite among parents and children alike, and the introduction of the new colour option opens up even more possibilities for creating the perfect bedroom for your little one.

The Estella High Sleeper Bed is the epitome of functionality and style. Crafted with precision and care by Kids Avenue, renowned for their quality furniture, this bed combines a study area, a comfortable corner sofabed, and a shelf for added convenience. Perfect for small bedrooms, the high sleeper design maximises floor space, making it ideal for growing children and teenagers.

The elegant white finish adds a touch of sophistication and timelessness to any room decor, allowing for easy integration with various themes and colour palettes. Whether you prefer a modern and minimalist ambiance or a cosy and warm atmosphere, the Estella High Sleeper Bed in white effortlessly adapts to your preferences.

Don't miss the chance to upgrade your child's bedroom with this fantastic addition. With both white and grey options now available, the Estella High Sleeper Bed is ready to complement any interior style while providing a comfortable and practical sleeping and studying arrangement for your child. Visit Family Window's website and transform your kid's room into a haven of functionality and charm with the Estella High Sleeper Bed!

July 25, 2023 — James Taylor