If you are considering purchasing a new bed for your child or teen, there is a
wide range to choose from and many options available. But if your children are
like most, they can be very rough on their furniture and a traditional bed won’t be
able to stand up to rigorous everyday use. This can mean that you will be
purchasing another bed sooner and that “incredible deal” you thought you got, wasn’t that incredible after all. Instead, shop the selection of premium high sleeper and mid sleeper beds made by Stompa and experience the next generation in premium children and teens beds. Stompa is one of Europe’s leading premium bed brands and they have created a new range of beds that are designed to be innovative, durable and stylish. Norwegian designs give Stompa beds a simplistic style and the highest quality materials give Stompa beds their longevity which means when you purchase a Stompa bed, you get a beautifully designed bed that will last no matter how rough your children might get.


Stompa Premium Beds

A popular choice which can save space and give additional storage is the Stompa Rondo F Cabin Bed. Available in White, Blue or Lilac, the Rondo F is perfect for either a boy or a girl’s room and offers durable construction, shelving with 4 cupboards, a wide-step ladder and enough space for a child or adult to sleep comfortably. The Rondo F cabin bed also meets the stringent European safety requirements ensuring the safety of your child.

Perfect for any little girl’s room, the Stompa Casa Pine/Lilac High Sleeper with Pull Out Desk features the same durable construction as the rest of the Stompa Next Generation line and offers plenty of storage and workspace for your child. The high sleeper design means a smaller footprint and more functionality as the Casa has a
built-in desk, shelves, cabinets and drawers. 

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October 19, 2018 — James Taylor