Introducing the Tordera Bunk Bed by Trasman: a masterclass in practical, inventive furniture design. This L-shaped bunk bed is a versatile addition to any bedroom, combining functionality with style. One of its standout features is the reversible design, allowing you to set up the wardrobe and lower bed on either side, tailoring the layout to your space. Additionally, the lower bed can be positioned directly underneath the upper bunk or at a right angle, creating an L-shaped layout that maximises floor space.

Storage is a key advantage of the Tordera Bunk Bed. The built-in wardrobe includes a full-width hanging rail, providing ample room for clothing. A full-length bedside shelf alongside the top bunk is perfect for books, decorations, or night-time essentials. The large pull-out drawer beneath the bottom bunk offers convenient storage for bedding, clothes, or toys, keeping the room tidy and organised.

Crafted from high-density particleboard with a durable Melamine finish, this bed is both solid and stylish, featuring a contemporary Casina wood look. The bed is delivered flat packed with comprehensive instructions, making assembly straightforward.

The Tordera Bunk Bed is not just a bed; it’s a complete bedroom solution that optimises space and enhances storage, perfect for growing families.


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May 21, 2024 — James Taylor